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森珀爾·阿爾蒂烏斯(Semper Altius)

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Nedlands Primary School was established in 1913, and has a rich history of providing education for students within the Nedlands community. Many significant West Australians have attended Nedlands Primary School.

The school takes advantage of the attractive campus and natural resources in the area, as well as utilising modern technology, to provide a quality education for all children. The school boasts early childhood facilities, air-conditioned classrooms, extensive grounds, a 25 metre swimming pool, basketball and netball courts, undercover area, and playground equipment that is the envy of many. In addition, the school provides a specialist art program and the opportunity to participate in the school choir and/or orchestra.

The high percentage of students from Nedlands who gain scholarships and special academic placements is indicative of the quality program provided throughout the school.

The school enjoys a good reputation for high standards, of which it is very proud. The strong support of the parent community, both in school activities and via the Parents & Citizens Association, is an invaluable facet of life at Nedlands Primary.

Nedlands is currently implementing the new Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that each and every child reaches their full potential.

The early childhood program for students in Kindergarten and Pre-primary is located at either the on-site Centre or Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre, Year 1 – 6 children are accommodated at the main school site in Kingsway


35 Kingsway,Nedlands西澳大利亞州6009,澳大利亞

(08)9278 6300

(08)9278 6300

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